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Retire to the Life You Design© does not just tell you how to create fulfilment and meaning in retirement.

A licensed facilitator guides you through a personal process – a process of self-assessment and discovery using the practical tools and resources we created especially for this purpose - to move from inside, your authentic core, to the outside expression of your authentic core in key areas of life.

In a six-hour workshop you will discover:

• Your core needs for personal fulfilment
• The six key areas of life and how to include them in your retirement
• Numerous and diverse leisure and volunteer activities that match your interests and skills
• Seven ways to continue to work on your own terms, if you wish
• How to create meaning and leave a legacy
• The nine-point grid for life balance

Through our process and tools, you begin to create a plan to retire to the life that you design yourself, a retirement unique to you.

The nine-point Life Balance Grid leaves you with a practical application of your exploration and discovery that you can implement immediately. Why wait for retirement?

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